Who Do I Help?

About Lara

I help girls and women suffering from low self-esteem, abuse (physical, sexual, psychological and verbal), cultural conditioning (media, objectification and sexualization) anxiety and depression, unhealthy sexual expression and identity, and spiritual angst reclaim their essence as females. Learn more in the video below:

I help women live from a heart centered, empowered and embodied place. I support women with the following:

  • A desire to cultivate self-love
  • Developing a healthy body image
  • Deepening their connection to their spiritual lives and emotions
  • Finding resolution and empowerment from previous traumas and societal conditioning
  • Awakening their sensual, sexual and intuitive essence


The Problem:

Women may turn to alcohol, food, sex, work and other substances due to self hatred (including body loathing), chronic stress and/or traumatic experiences to numb the pain. As a result of the media’s objectification of females, many suffer from low self esteem, internalized self-hatred and eating disorders. We become competitors as opposed to sisters supporting one another in community. To heal and return to our essence as women, it is crucial to learn to accept our bodies and develop a healthy relationship with our emotional and sexual selves, re-establish healthy boundaries, learn how to receive pleasure, listen to the heart’s desire (we are conditioned to GIVE to others), and identify the impact of female socialization on their power, voice, sexuality and self esteem. I can help you on this journey! Why? Because I’ve been there…


My Experience:

I’m a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness Instructor and Trauma Touch Therapist. I hold dual master degrees in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University.
I have extensive experience and education in stress management, trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, cultivating self love and awakening the feminine.

  • Meditation from the Sivananda Yoga Farm, Radiant Child Yoga, Synergy Yoga, Yoga of the Heart
  • Cardiac and Cancer Teacher training by NischalaJoy Devi
  • Yoga Ed (qualification to teach yoga in schools)
  • Yoga for Depression and Anxiety with Amy Weintraub
  • Integrative Yoga Therapy with Joseph LePage
  • Chakra Balancing with Anodea Judith
  • Somatic Experiencing ® and Somatic Experiencing Touch Practitioner
  • Integrative Restoration®
  • Mindful Schools ®
  • Mamagena’s School of Womanly Arts: Mastery and Creation Course
  • Women Within®
  • Feminine Power: The Essential Course For the Awakening Woman
  • Way of the Feminine Mystic with Mirabai Starr
  • Awakening Shakti course with Lisa Schrader
  • The Path of Feminine Fulfillment with Devaa Haley Mitchell
  • Priestess Presence course with Elayne Kalila Doughty
  • Scent Priestess TrainingS with Diana Dubrow
  • Sexual Trauma: Healing the Sacred Wound with Peter Levine
  • JEM-Jade Egg Mastery with Saida Desilets
  • Certified Erotic Blueprint ™ Coach


How Can I Help You? Body-Mind-Wellness-Logo-RGB

I assist women one on one and in groups. Together we work on supporting and integrating the mind, body and spirit to achieve it’s innate wholeness. The art of listening (as a “felt sense” in the body) and accepting the meaning and message behind all emotions, beliefs, images and sensations, leads us to greater insights, a healthy sense of self (whole, integrated person) and a deeper meaning about one’s life and current circumstances. A deeper knowing is accessed which serves to guide women to greater health and well-being.

The sessions accompanied by my mindfulness CD provide tools for strengthening the body-mind connection, managing chronic stress and pain, relieving symptoms of anxiety, connecting with the heart’s desire, deepening the connection with the body (noticing and listening to the sensations) and improving sleep. Overall, the practices support women in deepening their spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological and sensual connection and complete sense of well-being.


What exactly might we address? What specific practices do I utilize?

Together we may explore the following:

  • The impact of media (objectification) on a female’s self-esteem and sense of self and the prevalence of self-objectification of woman and girls
  • Body oriented practices to cultivate a healthy body image
  • Affirmations to accept your beauty and perfection exactly where you are
  • Cultivating Emotional intelligence: build the capacity to welcome your emotions as messengers and understand the underlying message each one has
  • Mindfulness practices to learn to accept all that arises and regulate your nervous system
  • Heart opening practices to cultivate self-love
  • Ritual and exploration of your spirituality to deepen your ability to surrender to the unknown and practice compassion and empathy
  • Somatic Experiencing ® and Integrative Restoration ® for trauma resolution, stress management and self-regulation trauma
  • Yoga based restorative practices for sleep
  • Exploring and awakening your sexual and sensual self (sensual exercises and a holistic model of sexuality will be taught and integrated into your life).


Why Should You Trust or Listen To Me?

Specific members of my family, politics and culture taught me that I, by virtue of being female, am a sex object. I experienced and witnessed abuse, sexism, misogyny, narcissistic care givers, deep betrayal and alcoholism. By virtue of being born female, I learned that my value and worth was based on the perfection of my physical beauty.

As a young girl, these layers of betrayal caused great distress. A number of emotions including anger, fear, and sadness were persistent in my youth and the deeper longing of connection, safety, and love was left unfulfilled. There was a loss of innocence of trust in the goodness in the world.

This experience caused me to explore my relationship to my femininity, sexual identity, emotions, and power as a woman. As an adult, I realized ALL females experience this loss of trust, innocence, and betrayal. The culprit may not be a family member, instead it is a social system that grants males the power and control–PATRIARCHY.

Girls and women learn through patriarchy to SELF-OBJECTIFY

I do not blame or shame men for being a product of their own conditioning. What I do propose is for women to search deep within and reclaim their power, voice, inner beauty and sensual/sexual essence. I am committed to inspiring females to love one another as sisters, reclaim their femininity and support one another on the path to wholeness and truth.

I have spent the past 16 years working as a bilingual Counselor, Holistic Wellness Professional, Educator, Consultant and Yoga and Meditation Instructor. I‘m a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a mind-body modality to healing trauma and chronic stress, and have studied arduously — the past 7 years — all aspects of being a woman, on a personal and professional level. I now have an integrated sense of self as a woman. I truly believe, in order to arrive here, all parts of our lives must be explored. Please know I have felt the hurt, disempowerment, hopelessness and confusion of being a woman. It would be my honor to be a source of hope, inspiration and truth until you find – which you will- the resources within to live the live of the woman you always dreamed to be.

I utilize traditional counseling practices, mindfulness, yoga therapy, aromatherapy, ritual, feminine principles/psychology and mind body practices. I believe as women refrain from judgment and fully embrace all that they are in this very moment, they will begin to embody that which they seek. I hold the intention of assisting them in reclaiming their voice and ending the pervasive cycle of shame and violence within their mind, body and heart.


Let Me Help You:

If you are sick of living up to societal standards of beauty, saddened by the competitive nature of women and feeling your inner beauty (heart, thoughts, feelings etc.) isn’t valued, please reach out (or speak out). If you want to develop a healthy relationship to your body and optimize your physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological and sexual health, I am here to help you. You are not alone and do NOT have to take this journey alone. I can support you. I honor you for your courage, your beauty, your heart and your desire to speak and LIVE your truth and fullest expression. Let’s do this together


Recent Testimonial:

Lara Eisenberg created a masterful learning experience to reverse the impact of the stresses of school staff and their students who suffer from the stains of behavioral and learning difficulties, trauma and pressures of modern life. From a heartfelt place of yearning to help in the schools and mental health organizations, she was my student in the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute program and, later, assisted in launching a pilot program with me for school staff in Austin, Texas as part of a "Communities in Schools" grant to alleviate trauma symptoms.


Lara, not only is talented therapist and presenter, she shines a bright light with her radiant presence that delights her audience. Every school district staff and mental health professional should be lucky enough to train with her. And, the girls and women she empowers through individual and group sessions will find their inner beauty and gifts.