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2 Tips to Navigate the Orlando shooting

Dear beautiful one, I’m writing in honor of the lives that were lost in the Orlando massacre. My heart is aching and I’m sure you can relate to the flooding of feelings towards the offender and the victims. It is difficult to navigate all of the emotions that arise...
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What do Beyonce, SEX, MONEY AND RELATIONSHIPS have in common?

  What do Beyonce, SEX, MONEY AND RELATIONSHIPS have in common? Beyonce said it best in her album “Lemonade” when she  alludes to themes such as race, gender, power and infidelity.  She accuses her husband, Jay Z,  of lying, cheating, and taking her for granted....
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Sexuality, Spirituality and Embodiment

A Woman is Whole AND Holy “When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine.” —Teri Degler We’ve all done it one way or another. Whether it’s dressing conservatively to avoid objectification, silencing...
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