Relaxation, Peace and Restoration CD

cd1I am committed to creating experiences and products that bring back the healing power of the feminine. Qualities such as being still, unconditional love, nurture, compassion, intuition, receiving, being, relatedness embodiment and sensuality are undervalued in our culture. My journey has taught me that in order to give from an authentic place, I must embody that which I seek and replenish my unlimited supply. Practices that open the heart, support the mind-body-spirit connection and invite us to be still are at the core of every feminine soul. Self-care and self-love are the treasures we find when we journey within. Thus, I created this CD for you…..for every ache and every desire that is yearning to give birth through you. Relaxation, Peace and Restoration is a guided meditation based on the practice of Integrative Restoration® (iRest®). This mindfulness practice provides tools for strengthening the body-mind connection, managing chronic stress and pain, relieving symptoms of anxiety, improving sleep and deepening one’s spiritual connection and sense of well-being.

Benefits include:

Increasing the body-mind connection. The body, mind, emotions and spirit are interrelated. Sensations, emotions, pain and pleasure are all felt in the body. The body informs the mind. We all know that “gut” feeling but unfortunately, many of us override the signals.

Connecting with your Heart’s Desire— connecting and aligning with your hearts desire opens you up to the deepest part of yourself. Women are socialized to serve the heart of others. This practice will invite you to explore your heart’s call.

-Heightened Sensuality—connecting with the sensations in our body leads to greater connection with self and others, ability to be present in the moment, increased ability to experience pleasure and inner peace.

-Increased sense of well-being- rest and relaxation are crucial to our well-being.   Accessing the body’s “felt sense” of safety as one imagines a “safe place” evokes the release of oxytocin “feel good hormone.”

-Cultivate self-love—whenever we take time to rest our body and mind, we make a declaration to the universe and ourselves that making time for ourselves is important.

Recent Testimonial:

I want to share with you the effects of your CD, which I have been using at night for several months now. I am making progress, although it seems slow… I bought it from you at our SDWI workshop—I think it was last June; but I hadn’t used it until you had the free evening in PB  a few months ago; I didn’t attend but did watch a video about that form of meditation and started to work with it. At first, I would go quickly to sleep; then finally, I began to feel my “heart’s longing” and that was sad but also a relief. Now I often stay awake all the way thru the first part, and sometimes into or even thru Part II. Took me a long time to create a safe space. Longer time to see anyone or anything in it. Then last night, some beloved, familiar images came…gradually, it is working. Then last night, or perhaps this morning, I had a clear vision of the “New Person” I am becoming—and I actually liked her and felt affection for her! This is wonderful progress for me; something new I’ve been longing to see. Thank you for creating this CD, and working with my subconscious-unconscious minds, although invisibly, it is powerful over time and is resulting in effective shifts for me. I will continue to work with it and perhaps join up with you for future work, once I am restored financially. Thank you for all the blessings, compassion, guidance, wisdom and love you exude and create for and with women everywhere. Your light shines brightly in a dark tunnel for more of us than you may know.

-Gwen J., San Diego  

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Introducing Lara’s New Book:

Trauma Resolution for the Empowered, Awakened Female: Mind Body Practices for Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Balance

Lara Eisenberg Book

Resolving trauma for women is a unique process which can involve several factors.  Abuse, ongoing societal objectification and sexualization, and body hatred stemming from patriarchal religious traditions can all impede a woman’s ability to heal and restore her inherent wholeness.  Girls and women often turn to food, love and sex, alcohol, or other addictions to mask and numb the underlying pain of unresolved trauma, self-hatred, and body image issues.

The pathway for healing and recovery must include a holistic, multidimensional body-mind approach.  Somatic therapy methods, as opposed to cognitive behavioral “talk therapy”, explore how various traumas and life stressors adversely impact the body, mind, and spirit.  These methods address physical responses, behaviors, sensations, feelings, and thoughts which often get caught in an unhealthy cyclical pattern in the body after trauma occurs.

This e-book provides the reader with basic information on trauma (definition, types, impact on the brain, etc.), and describes somatic-based trauma resolution modalities including Somatic Experiencing and Yoga Therapy.  The author includes a personal narrative on how the she applied these practices to support her own journey toward greater self-love and recovery from sugar addiction.

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