Hello beautiful,

I dream of a sisterhood where women unite and empower one another to reclaim their body, their voice and their sexual sovereignty! Imagine every women affirming the beauty and worth in every sister across the globe.

Statistics show that 53% of 13-year-old American females are self-conscious about their bodies; the number grows to 78% by the age of 17. The media bombards us with images of an unattainable standard of beauty leaving us feeling “not good enough” and placing too much value on our external beauty.

So…..what is the invitation from me? I’m extending an invitation to YOU to reclaim YOUR body, beauty and soul as a women. Yes, that includes your sexuality….oops…did I say that taboo word?

But first I want to discuss how we as women continue the cycle of objectification and self-objectify? When we allow it to happen (ie. Seeing images of beauty everywhere and women sold as a commodity without becoming a media critic, buying beauty product after beauty product without looking at the multi-million dollar industries that make a profit from our “not good enough” the way we are). By not looking deeper and taking action, we continue the cycle of dehumanization. We unconsciously submit to males to preserve our self-worth and femininity to avoid being perceived as undesirable.

How do we start to resolve this? Here are a few tips to begin:

1) Watch out for false advertising—there is something wrong with you or your body and this product will fix it. Be aware of media’s goal to make sales. Invite other girls and women to do the same.
2) Scale—break up with it! Your worth is measured by your inner beauty:).

To learn more about this journey of reclamation and self-love, click here . I am offering a FREE workshop at Ginseng Yoga called Restoring Wholeness: Reclaiming Body, Sex, Heart and Soul. Space is limited so please register early if you plan to attend.

With love and gratitude,