Lara Eisenberg’s Testimonials

I want share what a profound influence you have had on me. I don't know about others, but I presume there are many more than me that have been touched by your passion and you wanting to help women embrace the full expression of what it means to be a woman.


You, just by being you--with your life experiences and your own healing journey--have inspired me to embrace my own journey. I want you to hear how I carry you with me in my heart as encouragement. Whenever I doubt or want to give up because it feels too hard to overcome the years and layers of shame, I hear and read your words, see the care your have for me on your face...and I keep on.


Your gift to me has been life changing. So thanks. I had no idea when we first met how many areas of my life would be transformed by embracing my female body, exploring the feminine parts of myself, and opening to a fuller expression of my sexuality.

I was fortunate to experience Lara's work in a very stressful and dark period in my life. She provided a safe supportive environment where I felt held and heard.


I will always cherish the sessions I had with Lara. I loved her loving presence, her compassionate heart, and her amazing coaching skills. She made me aware of my body's sensations and how to deeply listen to my body's messages. She taught me some very practical and useful tools that I still use on a regular basis.
  Anyone who gets to work with Lara is, indeed, very fortunate.

Lara Eisenberg created a masterful learning experience to reverse the impact of the stresses of school staff and their students who suffer from the stains of behavioral and learning difficulties, trauma and pressures of modern life. From a heartfelt place of yearning to help in the schools and mental health organizations, she was my student in the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute program and, later, assisted in launching a pilot program with me for school staff in Austin, Texas as part of a "Communities in Schools" grant to alleviate trauma symptoms.


Lara, not only is talented therapist and presenter, she shines a bright light with her radiant presence that delights her audience. Every school district staff and mental health professional should be lucky enough to train with her. And, the girls and women she empowers through individual and group sessions will find their inner beauty and gifts.


Lara Eisenberg has brought a much needed awareness on a variety of
sensitive topics to teachers and students at our school. She has worked
with young girls and teens on body image, self-esteem and peer pressures.
She has impacted students and families on self-care via mindfulness, as
well as transformed how classrooms function in times of stress. Lara has
also, provided teachers and staff with the knowledge and tools related to
Trauma informed practices: how to recognize behavior, understand where in
the brain it comes from and how to handle certain responses to calm and
bring safety. Lara Eisenberg has a powerful, yet gentle way with words
and is so effective in the way she works.


Lara does a really great job at creating an environment where a person can really relax and open up. She is extremely knowledgable in not only the traditional yoga practice, but her background in psychology really allows her to connect with people. She is a wonderful listener, and she has a vast variety of tools and techniques that she employs, depending on the personal needs of her students. Personally, she has helped me to be more in tune with my body, she has provided me with resources to use when I need them, and she's taught me a lot about the holistic body. I strongly recommend Lara for anyone who is interested in doing any kind of work with their mind and body.

M.A., RYT 200, Yoga Instructor and 3rd grade teacher

Lara is the expression of compassion and dedication. She gives her all to everything that she does. The students in our yoga teacher training are always so captivated by her presence and generosity. She brings herself into what she teaches making knowledge not only accessible but authentic. As a healer, Lara see’s the best in people and has the ability to help them see it too. She is a pleasure to be around because she is present and grounded. Just thinking about her brings a smile to my face.

Managing Director, YogaWell Center

Lara's iREST class is truly amazing and transformational. I very much enjoyed sharing this experience as a group and having the ability to discuss and share our innermost thoughts and feelings. The work I did in Lara's class then gave me the starting point do the work at home on a regular basis. I was looking for a way to start a more regular meditation practice and this class definitely gave me that starting point. If you are looking for a safe and loving place to connect with yourself and others like you this is a wonderful class to take.


Lara is an incredible healer, teacher and guide. I have been fortunate enough to receive both personal I-Rest/Somatic Experiencing/Yoga Therapy sessions with Lara and partake in her Chakra class. Lara was able to support me in ways that I didn't even know I needed and equip me with tangible tools for my own healing and growth. Lara is clearly an expert in the field of deep healing and I have learned so much from her. Her presence has allowed me to safely explore issues which has led to an overall sense of peace and well-being.

LMFT, SEP , Marriage and Family Therapist, Imago Therapist

Lara Eisenberg provided two yoga and mindfulness sessions to Girls Give Back, a program of Jewish Family Service. Girls Give Back is a leadership, empowerment and service learning program for high school Jewish girls. The program emphasizes the importance of tikkun olam, builds lasting friendships, and provides girls with the opportunities to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Lara’s workshops were instrumental to our Summer Leadership Institute. Lara’s warmth, openness, and thoughtful sessions were a perfect complement to our program. Lara demonstrated simple postures and movements that showed the girls how to connect to their breath, their bodies and to relax in a world where we are constantly stimulated. Her sessions, infused with Jewish values, related to Girls Give Back participants who came from all different strains of Judaism. One participant noted, “Lara’s mindfulness workshop was one of my favorite parts of the whole program.” Girls Give Back looks forward to partnering with Lara again for future programming. Lara’s yoga and mindfulness workshops are a wonderful and highly recommended addition to any youth, adult, community or workplace program.

Girls Give Back Program Director

Lara is an amazing yoga therapist. As a yoga teacher, I have received training in and practiced a number of mind-body-spirit yoga approaches, but nothing has provided comparable opportunities for growth and healing that time with Lara provides. Lara holds sacred space for you and holds you in sacred space in such a way that you find yourself journeying back to a supportive environment naturally for hours, days, and weeks after a session with Lara. Lara's work is a path to Self, a path to love, to healing, to contentment. If you think you can be (are) more than you are currently expressing/feeling, go see Lara.


iRest is such a meaningful practice for deepening your relationship with yourself. It goes to your core. Lara truly embodies this work. Whether your moment with yourself is full of joy or weighted with shame, Lara creates a safe space for every experience. She is really the greatest example of this work, because in her you see what's possible for yourself.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Once again your words have touched and inspired me. Also bringing tears to my eyes. Especially your last example of Truth. Your messages always reach my souls whisper asking for divine connect. After a long day at work, I am suddenly calmed and comforted. Your usual effect. :) I don't even know how to tell you in words how much I appreciate your efforts and the work you are doing in this life. Knowing it's touching others' and helping to keep my life directed in love and supporting my spiritual journey to everlasting bliss. You have been one of my greatest teachers.

Registered Yoga Teacher, Nutrition C.N.

Lara Eisenberg is a gifted facilitator and inspiring leader, with a unique combination of skills.  She draws upon a depth and breadth of training and experience as she intuitively guides her clients and students toward wholeness.  Lara shares her work with a full and compassionate heart and a deep commitment to feminine empowerment.

Director of Trainers - Integrative Restoration Institute