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Recovery Coaching: The Journey to Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual and Sexual Health for Females

Addictive behaviors, the drive to seek pleasure and avoid pain, and unresolved traumas hinder our physical, emotional and spiritual growth and leave us ill equipped to deal with stress. Lara specializes in recovery from food, love addiction and codependent behaviors. Recovery coaching sessions are a conduit for treating the spiritual malady of addiction by teaching us how to observe the mind, listen to the body, deepen self-love, deepen our spiritual connection, self-nurture and experience emotions without reacting to them. Lara’s sessions facilitate the process of returning to our true nature of peace and love, thereby reconnecting us to our higher self/power


The GODDESSES Journey:  Awakening Body, Heart, Sex and Spirit Coaching Program

Healing the Effects of Trauma, Objectification and Sexualization by supporting females through a journey of reclaimed pleasure, passion and self-love.

lara dance picture (1)Are you a woman or girl who has been silently suffering from self-hatred, poor body image and/or wounding from previous traumas or familial and societal conditioning?

Do you look to others for validation of your value and worth?

Do you feel disconnected from your own power and sensual, feminine nature?

Are you using food, love, relationships or other substances to self-soothe?

I understand your dilemma. I’ve been there myself. And I know that there’s a way to heal the traumas and wounds that reside in you at a cellular level, source your value from within and claim your sovereignty and power as a female.

I can help you replace self-destructive behaviors with radical acts of self-care and self-love, find value within yourself rather than through external validation, embrace your feminine nature and power, and experience inner peace.



Sexualization–Process whereby the individual’s self-worth or value is defined in relation to sexual appeal or behavior, if the person is sexually objectified and used for another person’s sexual purposes

Self-Objectification–Process occurring when a person emphasizes their physical body as seen by others and de-emphasizes their own subjective perceptions of themselves, such as feeling, knowing and internal awareness. When a person perceives their own body primarily as an object, to be looked at and evaluated (for appearance) rather than perceiving themselves as a subject, this is self-objectification (APA TSG, 2007, p. 18)

Body self-consciousness causes females to disconnect from their own body pleasure and sensation and often causes them to not assert and protect their emotional needs in relationships or sexual encounters.


Women may turn to alcohol, food, sex, work and other substances due to self-hatred (including body loathing), chronic stress and/or traumatic events. As a result of the media’s constant objectification of females, many suffer from low self-esteem, internalized self-hatred and eating disorders. We become competitors as opposed to sisters supporting one another in community. To heal and return to our essence as women, it is crucial to learn to accept our bodies and develop a healthy relationship with our emotional and sexual selves, re-establish healthy boundaries, learn how to receive pleasure, listen to the heart’s desire (we are conditioned to GIVE to others), and identify the impact of female socialization on our power, voice, sexuality and self esteem. I can help you on this journey! Why? Because I’ve been there…

I do not blame or shame men for being a product of their own conditioning. What I do propose is for women to search deep within and reclaim their power, voice, inner beauty and sensual/sexual essence. I am committed to inspiring females to love one another as sisters, reclaim their femininity and support one another on the path to wholeness and truth.


Modern society incessantly objectifies and sexualizes the female body, leading many women and girls to self-objectify . We become hyperconscious of our own appearance in public and private settings and compare ourselves to the unattainable ideal standard of beauty set by the patriarchal culture in which we live. Females often struggle with a healthy sexual identity, stemming from a disconnect from their body—sensations, emotions, feelings—and a rejection of the parts that don’t meet the ideal.


If you are interested in understanding how self-objectification impacts your health on multiple levels and transforming your life as a female, I can help you! I have spent the past 16 years working as a bilingual Counselor, Holistic Wellness Professional, Educator, Consultant and Yoga and Meditation Instructor. I‘m a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, a mind-body modality to healing trauma and chronic stress, and have studied arduously — the past 7 years — all aspects of being a woman, on a personal and professional level. I now have an integrated sense of self as a woman. I truly believe, in order to arrive here, all parts of our lives must be explored. Please know I have felt the hurt, disempowerment, hopelessness and confusion of being a woman. It would be my honor to be a source of hope, inspiration and truth until you find – which you will if you haven’t already- the resources within to live the life of the woman you always dreamed yourself to be.

Together we will explore practices to know yourself more intimately, set healthy boundaries, reclaim your body, develop a healthy sexual identity, restore sisterhood and more.



The GODDESSES Journey:  Awakening Body, Heart, Sex and Spirit Coaching Program

I created a 3-month program—The GODDESSES Journey—for females to learn more about their beautiful feminine essence, cultivate inner beauty and restore the body-mind connection. I truly believe a crucial element left out for women in their healing journey is their identity as feminine souls. Females have their own unique spiritual heritage and deep healing occurs when we allow the unfolding of the sacred within us. 


GODDESSES Journey Benefits:

  • Learn to love and trust yourself, your body and your innate wisdom
  • Connect with and balance the slower, sensual, more feminine, body-based way of being with the faster, intellectual, goal-oriented masculine way of doing
  • Develop genuine confidence, sourced from your body, intuition and self-love, rather than from what you’re doing or how you’re appearing
  • Enjoy healthier relationships, more fulfillment and balance at work, school and home; better physical health and an overall sense of contentment and well-being

We will explore all aspects of your being including your physical, energetic, emotional, psychological, spiritual and sexual identity and expression.

My services blend together various feminine-focused wellness and stress-management techniques from yoga, including the chakra model for healing, and other somatic-based practices, a blend of Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology, meditation and mindfulness, and ritual and sacred practices to love, honor and embrace the feminine.


To help you get started, see the list below:

  • Cultivate compassion and your “inner beauty.” What are your inner qualities that you value?
  • Practice saying “no”, even when it feels uncomfortable
  • Begin to acknowledge and appreciate your body for what it does, not what it looks like
  • Become aware of the derogatory remarks you make about your body. Take a “body criticism” fast. See if you can find a friend to hold yourself accountable and support one another.
  • Feel your skin boundary. Touch your skin when you can and notice
  • Remember you are a multidimensional being—physical, energetic, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Honor all that you are!

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Please Note: Lara offers awakening the feminine coaching, Somatic Experiencing® and yoga therapy sessions in person or via skype anywhere in the world.   These sessions are not psychotherapy, however, Lara can work in conjuction with your therapist to support the body-mind integration and awakening the feminine heart and soul.


Lara Eisenberg Coaching Testimonials:

I want share what a profound influence you have had on me. I don't know about others, but I presume there are many more than me that have been touched by your passion and you wanting to help women embrace the full expression of what it means to be a woman.


You, just by being you--with your life experiences and your own healing journey--have inspired me to embrace my own journey. I want you to hear how I carry you with me in my heart as encouragement. Whenever I doubt or want to give up because it feels too hard to overcome the years and layers of shame, I hear and read your words, see the care your have for me on your face...and I keep on.


Your gift to me has been life changing. So thanks. I had no idea when we first met how many areas of my life would be transformed by embracing my female body, exploring the feminine parts of myself, and opening to a fuller expression of my sexuality.

I was fortunate to experience Lara's work in a very stressful and dark period in my life. She provided a safe supportive environment where I felt held and heard.


I will always cherish the sessions I had with Lara. I loved her loving presence, her compassionate heart, and her amazing coaching skills. She made me aware of my body's sensations and how to deeply listen to my body's messages. She taught me some very practical and useful tools that I still use on a regular basis.
  Anyone who gets to work with Lara is, indeed, very fortunate.

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