The Empowered Sovereign Woman:

Sustain, Embody, and Awaken and Your Pleasure-Filled Life



The Empowered Sovereign Woman Journey is a two month experiential, supportive process that will deepen the work of the GODDESSES program and transform your relationship with yourself on multiple levels. Some benefits include:


    1.  A deeper, embodied conviction of your worth and value.
    2. Heightened self-love and self-compassion that not only impacts your life but also the world around you.
    3. Enhanced quality of life, love, and joy as a result of connecting with all aspects of yourself: psychologically, spiritually, mentally, sexually and emotionally.
    4. Improved relationships! The more you connect and understand yourself, the more empathy and love you will have for others.


Here are the details of the program:


1) Deep Dive into one of the following areas from the GODDESSES program:


  • Self-love
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional and erotic intelligence
  • Sexuality + spirituality
  • Restoring sisterhood
  • Elevating your voice and boundary setting
  • Space for integration
  • Embodiment


2) Somatic Experiencing Touch session: 


    • Healing touch work can support you in integrating the change process more fully and embodying the work. It also helps support the nervous system to “settle,” re-regulate and remain resourceful in managing your activation levels. I use my own nervous system to help regulate yours (co-regulation).


3) Ritual for Honoring and Reclaiming Your Sexuality/Sexual Well-Being:


    • Explore the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your sexuality–including desire, pleasure, pain, intimacy, trauma, dysfunction, and much more. 
    • You will have the opportunity to take an active role in your own growth and change.

  Some areas of exploration include:

    • Sexual dysfunctions – identify the potential emotional, mental, and spiritual components of your physical symptoms.
    • Low self-esteem –  step into a fuller expression of who you are in relationship to yourself and others. 
    • Sexual identity and expression –  explore all that it means to be who you are: male, female, trans, gay, lesbian, queer, heterosexual, poly, monogamous—and to identify other aspects of your erotic expression.
    • Communication problems – learn to speak and listen mindfully from each dimension of your sexuality: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
    • “Stuck-ness” – explore areas of resistance or defensiveness, attachment to past experience-learn to create a new “sexual story.”


4) Chakra Therapy session:


  • Identify imbalances in your chakra system so you can feel more vibrant, joyful, and peaceful.
  • Learn a customized plan to treat imbalances in your chakra system so you can feel more empowered.
  • Learn mudras (hand gestures), asanas (physical postures), feng shui and other tools to manage/improve your imbalance. 
  • Develop a greater understanding of yourself so you can experience a richer emotional, physical, sexual, psychological and spiritual life. 


Here’s a Summary of Everything You’ll get When You Sign Up For The Empowered Sovereign Woman Journey:


  • 2 private 50-minute session.  This session includes a Chakra Therapy Session and a Conscious Sexual Self Healing Ritual. 
  • 2 private individualized sessions focused on a deeper exploration of one or two areas of the GODDESSES program (2-50 minute sessions). 
  • 1 session of Somatic Experiencing touch session which will include tips on regulating your nervous system and tools to stabilize and support your body. 
  • Receive unlimited email support from Lara  (I will respond within 48 hours Monday-Friday)
  • PDF Guide for New Moon and Full Moon rituals as well as practices designed to deepen your pleasure and sensual essence as a woman