What do Beyonce, SEX, MONEY AND RELATIONSHIPS have in common?

Beyonce said it best in her album “Lemonade” when she  alludes to themes such as race, gender, power and infidelity.  She accuses her husband, Jay Z,  of lying, cheating, and taking her for granted. Lyrics such as “You can taste the dishonesty . . . It’s all over your breath” clearly illustrate the message she is conveying.

So how is Beyonce able to express her truth in such a vulnerable way with her husband’s support?

They are both artists and artists create.  Their work is an expression of their inner world.  Full self-expression is self-realization for an artist.  Creativity (did you hear her rhyme!!!???) is born from a deeper place within that yearns to express.  And of course,  they getting paid  very well, another perk of making their personal lives public through their incredible art.

When you communicate your feelings and truth in relationships, a healing occurs. Beyonce is sharing an issue so many people (especially women) face but rarely  discuss.  Pleasure, sexuality, and the objectification of women are topics that can be taboo for many.  Lemonade offers a platform for women to tap into their own anger, voice and power.

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