A Woman is Whole AND Holy

“When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine.” —Teri Degler

We’ve all done it one way or another. Whether it’s dressing conservatively to avoid objectification, silencing our opinions to seem easygoing or downplaying our accomplishments – all women have stifled their greatness, toned down their beauty.

Growing up in a culture that tells us we can be anything we set our minds to, but then strangles our spirit and self esteem with a diet of too-perfect images valuing beauty and youth above all is confusing. Demoralizing. Agonizing.

No wonder it is so hard for us to know our worth as women, have a healthy body image and access our natural strength and beauty.    

Yet I dream for each of us to know the BLISS of being in a woman’s body, the BLISS of falling deeply in love with ourselves, and the BLISS of knowing our internal beauty and the desires of our hearts. I dream that we will all know the ecstatic BLISS of embracing and embodying our sensual feminine essence.

I commit to following my dream.

I turn now to YOU. I want to share my experience and desires in hopes that they will inspire yours. I want to unleash the desires of your heart, the yearning of your body and the power of your voice.

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With love and reverance,