Pride and Inner Beauty

“Pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you.”
– Andrew Murray, Humility
“Pride is a spiritual cancer. It eats up the possibility of love, contentment or even common sense.”
– C.S. Lewis
Battling with pride is indeed part of the human condition. I notice the ways in which it has separated …

Surrendering Into the Unknown

Surrendering Into The Unknown

By Lara Eisenberg
Universal mother, birth mother, divine mother, mother nature—call it whatever you may—she has tremendous power and force to transform  us.  After a 5-day meditation retreat – the theme of which was “The Transformation of Being” – I was able to tap into the mother energy deep inside me: a refuge where feelings of …

Pain as a Gateway to the Self

   Pain as a Gateway to The Self          
  Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional  –Buddha
A few weeks ago, I was experiencing headaches on a daily basis.  I was quite concerned since that is a RARE occurrence for me.  My pounding head made simple tasks — reading, speaking, and even thinking— extremely difficult. With my upcoming presentation at the Chopra …

Yoga, Food, and Healing: My Journey Home from Sugar Addiction

All I could think of was sugar!  Fear….sugar. Sadness…sugar. Nervous…sugar.  Joy…sugar.  Shame….sugar.  From a young age, I was inadvertently taught by my family’s behavior that alcohol and food were tools to manage and temporarily numb feelings,.  Daily life stressors, unresolved traumas of childhood emotional abuse , and a pervasive feeling of shame,  stemming from the belief “I am not good …

Embracing and Awakening the Feminine



“Women are the greatest untapped natural resource in the world.”

~Mama Gena

My dream is for women to fall in love with themselves, access the power of their internal and external beauty, reclaim their femininity and shower the world with their innate compassion, love and nurturance.

A torn past

I grew up in a culture where women didn’t have …

Therapy: The Mirror That Heals

I recently became licensed as a LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor). It was an arduous process but I knew that my passion for practicing therapy in San Diego, which consisted of an eclectic blend of mind-body, eastern healing modalities, would be more recognized if I had State and National licensing certification. Now I can give a wider range of people …